“Pushkin wrote that the best and most enduring changes are those which stem from an improvement in moral behaviour. We would like to contribute to this improvement in moral behavior and live to see the day when children with autism will no longer be kicked out of playgrounds, and adults will not be locked up in psychiatric institutions".
Avdotia Smirnova
Director, scriptwriter. President of the Foundation
The Way Out Foundation's mission is to improve lives of people with autism today, create opportunities for descent living standards in the future.
To accomplish this mission the Way Out Foundation works on the following goals and objectives:
  • To advocate for human rights of the persons with autism and other mental disorders so that they could achieve descent living standards instead of having to put up with unbearable conditions of psychoneurological institutions (PNI).
  • To connect the international and Russian academic communities in the field of autism research.
  • To facilitate the consolidation pf efforts of the professional community, state authorities, parents of children with autism and the society.
  • To lay the groundwork for the society to become more tolerant for people with autism and other mental disorders.
Welcome Petrusha, the symbol of our Foundation.

Petrusha is a blue bear with autism. He is named after Pyotr Grinev, the main character of Alexander Pushkin’s novel «The Capitain’s Daughter», the kindest, the bravest and the most delicate hero in Russian Literature.

Petrusha takes part in all the information campaigns, social advertising and social media of the Foundation.

For us, for the Foundation’s team, Petrusha is a kind of a compass. No matter, what we do and invent, we always think of Petrusha’s reaction. Could it offend him? How can the activity that we offer help him? Petrusha is often sad and triste, he has some difficulties in communication as everyone with autism. Petrusha needs friendship, love, support and understanding. And we need his extraordinary point of view, his peculiarities, trustfulness and defenselessness.

Governing Board
Avdotia Smirnova
Communications and GR
Evgenia Mishina
GR, work with the executive authorities
Irina Meglinskaya
Communications, fundraising
You Are Not Alone
Program goals: To support organizations created by parents and relatives of children with ASD in Russia. To help them to be heard by Government and society. To raise the level of parental skills in helping children with ASD in families.
Activities within the program
Autism.Friendly Environment
Program goals: To facilitate establishing autism friendly environment in all spheres of social life.
Activities within the program
Time For Help
Program goals: To provide regular assistance to autistic children and adults, with problem behavior of varying degrees of severity, throughout their lifespan.
Activities within the program
Must-Read Multimedia Library
Program goals: To provide specialists and parents with access to the latest books, textbooks, resource materials, and software on autism. To establish the professional community where all the members would share modern scientific view on how to support children and adults with ASD.
Activities within the program
Important Knowledge
Program goals: To raise the level of professional skills of Russian specialists working with children and adults with ASD so that they could meet high-level international standards.
Activities within the program
Law and Order
Program goals: To protect the rights of children and adults with ASD for medical treatment, education, and equal participation in the society. To facilitate legislation which would regulate legal and accessible help for children and adults with ASD.
Activities within the program
Necessary Things
Program goals: To provide autistic children and adults with special equipment making their lives and education easier.
Activities within the program
Attention: Autism!
Program goals: To disseminate information about early ASD risks (in young children age 12-36 month) among parents and to give society an adequate portrayal of autism.
Activities within the program
Researchers and practitioners who help the Foundation in decision-making
The Foundation plans its work on the basis of the recommendations of the Scientific Board. All the programs and project receive scientifically and practically based evaluation.
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Alexey Zimin
Andrey Amlinsky
Oksana Barkovskaya
Svetlana Mironyuk
Viktoria Shamlikashvili
Yulia Chipina
Foundation's Team
Anna Meglinskaya
Financial analysis, contract work
Daria Vozhagova
Project producing, PR
Elizaveta Morozova
Translations, SMM, copywriting, content management
Julia Azarova
Editing, copywriting, translations, special projects
Ksenia Novikova
Product management
Raisa Romanova
Copywriting, scientific editing
Yunna Bakal
Media, sites, content
Frequently asked questions about the Way Out Foundation
Why doesn't the Foundation deal with casework?
Why does the Foundation raise money for the support the Government must pay for?
Why does the Foundation spend money on 'Light It Up Blue' campaign instead of spending it charity work?
What part of the money raised by the Foundation is spent on office services and salaries of the employees?
Why would I want to donate to the Foundation which helps those who can not be cured?
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